Alex North

Who would have thought a colorblind guy would become interested in making color photos? That is me; Alex North.

In 2010 my journey began by purchasing a “good” camera for our son’s high school graduation. After which I vowed to learn how to use this contraption we call a camera. My reputation of “all or nothing” soon applied to photography. So much
so my wife, Leslie, started telling friends I had a girlfriend, “Nikky” aka Nikon. She blessed me with her full support.

As a photographer I strive to capture life in a way that celebrates its existence. Whether it be a smile, bloom, sunrise, bird or even a tear, I want you to feel the emotion I felt when taking the photo.

The scenes I shoot are not mine. I am simply blessed to share these with you through the talent bestowed and the beauty provided.

I hope you enjoy what I capture. If something I shoot would look nice on
your wall, I would appreciate your consideration of a print. I also print a
yearly calendar and have several photo note cards. You can follow my work
on my website or social media listed. - - @AlexNorth8