Alex North

Who would have thought a colorblind guy would become interested in making color photos? That is me; Alex North.

In 2010 my journey began by purchasing a “good” camera for our son’s high school graduation. After which I vowed to learn how to use this contraption we call a camera. My reputation of “all or nothing” soon applied to photography. So much
so my wife, Leslie, started telling friends I had a girlfriend, “Nikky” aka Nikon. She blessed me with her full support.

As a photographer I strive to capture life in a way that celebrates its existence. Whether it be a smile, bloom, sunrise, bird or even a tear, I want you to feel the emotion I felt when taking the photo.

The scenes I shoot are not mine. I am simply blessed to share these with you through the talent bestowed and the beauty provided.

I hope you enjoy what I capture. If something I shoot would look nice on
your wall, I would appreciate your consideration of a print. I also print a
yearly calendar and have several photo note cards. You can follow my work
on my website or social media listed. - - @AlexNorth8

Mississippi Coast Blessings - The Book

Heavens Gateway III - The Calendar

Mississippi Coast Blessings shares my joy and passion.  As you look through the pages, embrace, ponder and celebrate these heavenly gifts that are bestowed upon all of us.

The book is the perfect end table or reading room size @ 6 inches square. There are 84 pages with 64 images. The book is divided into 4 sections: Landscape Beauty, Harbors and Piers, Boats and Wildlife.

You can order here: Mississippi Coast Blessings or Heavens Gateway III